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EOS Holding is a strategic holding company whose purpose is to coordinate and represent the interests of its shareholders, the major electricity companies in western Switzerland, including Romande Energie SA, Groupe E SA, the City of Lausanne, Services Industriels de Genève and FMV SA. Its activities focus on two key areas:

  • Firstly, developing a platform dedicated to generating New Renewable Energy (NRE) in western Switzerland, alongside and in line with the activities of its shareholders in this area; the target will be to generate 1 TWh of clean energy from wind and ground-based solar power abroad and from roof-mounted solar panels and deep geothermal energy in Switzerland. This makes EOS Holding one of the leading companies in Switzerland in the field of onshore wind power.
  • Secondly, actively managing its shareholding in Alpiq – Switzerland's leading energy group; this resulted from the merger of Atel and EOS at the beginning of 2009, and EOS Holding now holds a 31.4% share in the company.
EOS Holding is also planning to make a series of investments in SMEs which are active in fields related to NRE, the storage of electricity and energy efficiency, with a view to promoting its co-operative work with universities.


EOS Holding acquires a new portfolio of renewable energy assets totalling more than 100 MW

EOS Holding is taking over a European portfolio of renewable energy assets from Omnes Capital, comprising 4 wind farms and 4 solar plants located in France and Portugal, with a total installed capacity of around 100 MW.


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